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Travel Nursing Job Interview Tips

Top ten tips for landing travel nursing jobs

Whether you’re new to travel nursing jobs or a seasoned professional, it’s always good to brush up on nursing job interview tips that are time tested and effective. Preparation, confidence, flexibility and a positive demeanor are all factors that contribute to a successful travel nurse job interview.

Travel Nurse Job Phone Etiquette – Establish Contact

  • First and foremost, keep your cell phone by your side at all times and answer it every time it rings. Your caller ID may not display the fact that a hospital is calling – and should the call go to voice mail – you’ve significantly lessened your chances of getting the travel nurse job interview.
  • Should you miss the initial travel nurse job call, then call back immediately and leave a message expressing your sincere interest in the travel nurse job. Remember, if the nurse manager doesn’t get you on the phone, the next nurse called might get the travel nursing job.
  • If you’re asked to call the hospital by your consultant, do so right away. The first qualified candidate to make the connection will most likely be considered for the travel nursing job. Keep in mind the hospital is looking to fill travel nurse jobs now and there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Travel Nursing Jobs Interview Tips 101

Position yourself to get the best travel nursing jobs around.

  1. Be alert during the travel nurse job phone interview. Standing while on the phone keeps you more focused than sitting, and finding a quiet place with minimal distractions is crucial to a successful travel nurse job interview.
  2. Know a little about the hospital with which you’re interviewing and be sure to write down the name and phone number of the travel nurse jobs manager with whom you speak. Try using their name once or twice during the travel nursing job interview to establish a level of comfort.
  3. Good communication skills are vital. Stay on topic and answer questions fully and to the point. Eliminate casual conversation and conduct yourself professionally.
  4. Know your travel nurse job resume and skills checklist like the back of your hand. You’ll be asked specific questions about your qualifications and answering them quickly (in much the same fashion as you would in making a snap decision as a travel nurse on the floor) will fare well in the travel nursing job interview. Always present yourself as competent and reliable.
  5. Plan the questions you have in advance and be sure to ask them. Questions regarding available travel nursing job shifts, floating, nurse patient ratios and travel nurse job scheduling will gain you insight on the quality of nurse management. Be sure to ask what travel nurse job clinical questions you need answered. Will you be administering meds or transporting patients? Is the hospital using a computerized patient care system? What type of travel nursing job orientation can you expect?
  6. Smile during the phone interview. Believe it or not, smiling will help convey a positive, upbeat tone which nurse managers consider an asset to their staff – a vital travel nursing jobs interview tip
  7. Flexibility with dates, shifts and schedules will increase the odds of you getting the travel nursing job you want. Be sure to convey the fact that you have a reputation for being prompt and are familiar with team work. Avoid the need for specific requests for time off while on an assignment; however when they are unavoidable be sure to let your Consultant know in advance and be sure to bring this up during the phone interview. Be flexible and offer something in exchange such as an extra weekend or holiday shift.
  8. Always carry paper and pen with you so you can write things down. Asking a nurse manager to repeat him or herself during the interview may show that you’re distracted.
  9. Toward the end of the interview, verify important travel nurse job details such as start date, shift, unit, floor and length of travel nursing job assignment being offered. Some of these details may have changed since your consultant initially presented the travel nursing job to you. If the interviewer doesn’t specify, ask what the next step is in the travel nurse job interview process. Will the hospital be calling your consultant for a follow up, or will they be calling you?
  10. Ensure that you are available for the dates and times that you have agreed to interview. If not, you may appear disorganized to a nurse manager, unprofessional and not wanting of the travel nursing job. Most importantly, don’t forget to tell the interviewer that you want the travel nurse job, and call your American Traveler consultant immediately after the interview to discuss how things went.

Before your travel nursing job profile even goes to the hospital – is it up to date? Does it reflect all of your education, recent travel nurse jobs and other work experience?  Is all of the license and certification information accurate, including expiration dates?  Is your skills checklist an accurate reflection of your skills and ability to excel in travel nursing?  Is any skill or experience you have that is uncommon or in high demand represented clearly on your application or skills checklist? You will definitely have an opportunity to tell the interviewer about these things – however they need to be pointed out on the travel nurse jobs profile in order to ensure that you are the candidate they call.

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