What Other Nurses Think About Us

  • Bridge Staffing is a wonderful agency, truly a God-send. I have been an Operating Room Nurse since 1978. Several of my friends had started traveling, and began to encourage me to do the same. In December 2005, after praying about it I decided to give it a try. I chose three agencies to contact. After talking with all three, I felt led to choose Bridge Staffing. All of the time praying, this was the right choice. I can truly say, Bridge Staffing was indeed the right choice, and has proven to be a great experience for me. They listened to what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, and the things I would need and what I expected them to do for me. They placed me in a great, safe, and comfortably beautiful apartment and area. They called to make sure everything was ok, to see if there was anything I might need. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. Even though I’ve never seen any of the staff face to face, I feel I know each one personally. They are like family to me. I trust them to do the right things for me and know they will always assign me to a place that is compatible and beneficial to me. As long as I travel, I will use Bridge Staffing.
    Sundra, RN, CNOR
  • This has been a great experience. The staff of Bridge Staffing has gone out of their way to be accommodating. The opportunities are numerous and more than flexible. I’m glad I made this venture and plan to continue doing so with such a fantastic company. The decision to continue with Bridge Staffing is easy when so many opportunities are available.
  • Boy, where do I start! Traveling with Bridge Staffing affords me the opportunity to work in a variety of settings that utilizes my expertise while continuing to expand my working knowledge of healthcare. The company consists of some of the most committed people I have ever worked with. The entire company, especially my recruiter, work so hard to make each and every travel assignment a pleasant experience. Every experience I have had with Bridge Staffing has been with people who obviously enjoy what they do, they are happy, knowledgeable and sincere people. Thanks for making work fun again!!
  • I am on the central coast of California working at a small hospital in Watsonville. I am a few minutes from the georgous Pacific Ocean, working med/surg 12 hour nights. That means I have 4 days a week to enjoy my time and explore my surroundings! (Of course, if I wish I can also work more, but that is entirely up to me.) I have worked with Bridge since August 2005 and this is my third assignment. I was really apprehensive my first assignment, traving from Florida to California. This was a huge step for me, but I wanted an adventure and I definitely got one! The housing department is awesome, and always considers special requests. (I travel with my mother so need more space and a ground floor appartment —– done!) My travel nursing recruiter keeps in touch and is always there if I need a sounding board, which let’s face it, as a nurse is quite often. Sometimes just knowing you can call someone and “unload” is really all you need. I work hard, and I know Bridge works just as hard for me specifically Michael McCrady, my recruiter, and his assistant Laura. I know I don’t have to worry about where I am going to live, or furnishings or even my route to work, because Housing is tops! I would and have recommended Bridge to friends and family. I sincerely feel appreciated at Bridge and I feel I have a long future with this company!  
  • I have had a wonderful experience with Bridge. From the first day I walked into the office everyone there made me feel like they really cared that I was going to be a part of the Bridge Staffing family. This is my first travel experience and I am very happy with my job and the beautiful apartment I was placed in. Other Travelers I work with are not so lucky as to have the type of accommodations I have and they are surprised that you call so frequently just to check on me. I plan on being with Bridge for a long time!!