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September 21, 2016
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Nursing Shortages and Travel Nursing Jobs

Why The Two Go Hand In Hand?

If you’re a nurse considering travel nursing jobs, you are probably not the only one.   Nursing jobs are in high demand and with the aging of the baby boomer generation, this demand is expected to continue. Couple this increased demand with the startling statistics regarding nurses leaving the workforce, you have a dire situation. Some interesting information from the Washington Post: With the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting that by the year 2022, 526,800 more nurses will be needed. This represents an increase of 19.4 percent from 2012.1 So why are nurses leaving their jobs? The article references job dissatisfaction, specifically, frustration and the feeling they’re not making enough of a difference for their patients. Sad news indeed. Travel nursing jobs may be just what the Doctor ordered, for both nurses and facilities. Travel nursing jobs can be immensely challenging, rewarding and exciting for nurses, and what better way to meet staffing needs than with temporary help. So, why are travel nursing jobs so wonderful? Here’s a brief info on travel nursing jobs and why they may be great for nurses looking for something different.

Learning experiences

Travel nursing jobs provide lots of different situations and learning experiences. In fact, travel nursing jobs can look great on a resume because of the variety of settings travel nurses practice in. There are so many different types of institutions out there looking to meet staffing demand that the opportunities to work and learn new things are seemingly endless. If you have a specialty, you’ll be in even higher demand and you will likely be placed more quickly in assignments all over the world.

Travel experiences

Obviously, one of the most enticing things about travel nursing jobs is the opportunity to travel, both here in the United States and abroad. Travel nursing jobs are available all across the United States, in both metropolitan areas and rural areas. Most travel nursing assignments here in the US are of thirteen-week duration. If you’re interested in traveling abroad as a nurse, you’ll find the process lengthy, but well worth it. For both domestic and international travel, you’ll want to find areputable travel nursing agency to guide you along in the process. Your agency will not only place you in your desired location and facility, but they will provide your benefits and arrange for your housing and licensing. Internationally, many nurses choose to travel to English-speaking countries like Australia, United Kingdom, or South Africa. The application process for International travel nursing jobs can be quite lengthy, sometimes six months to a year, so don’t hesitate if you think you may be interested.

If you’re looking for a change of pace from your normal nursing routine, maybe travel nursing jobs are for you. If you’d like more information on the great benefits of travel nursing jobs, check here or APPLY NOW to get started on your nursing experience of a lifetime!

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